Wednesday, February 29, 2012

POP ART! Andy Warhol

The 3rd grade students studied the life and work of Artist Andy Warhol.  We began by discussing the Pop Art Movement and Andy Warhol’s contribution. The students noticed that he often created images in a series, and that each image in the series was the same with exception of color. We chose to focus on Andy Warhol’s iconic soup can for this project. The students viewed a picture of an actual Campbell’s soup can and took note of all the details. The next step was to draw the can in perspective. Then, the students were able to add text and other design details. The students applied color with oil pastel, and then painted the background with watercolor paint. They had the choice to create a color scheme that matched the original can, or they could change the color scheme. Each one is unique and very reflective of the Pop Art Movement!  These are on display in the school lobby.  

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