Thursday, April 21, 2011

Oh Georgia!

Flowers are in bloom and second and third grade students are creating Georgia O'keefe inspired abstracted flowers!  We studied the life and work of Georgia O'keefe with a particular focus on her series of flowers.  Each student chose an actual flower to guide them in this project.  Using a view finder, they could "zoom-in" to their flowers to create a pleasing composition.  When the students decided on a composition, they sketched their flower images onto paper.  The students applied color using oil pastel, and then chose a complementary color for the background.  These are currently on display in the school lobby!

Insects, Arachnids and Arthropods Oh My!

Spring is here and third grade students focused on Insects, Arachnids and Arthropods this month!  We learned the facts about each one and examined their characteristics.  Each student chose their favorite creature and drew it with pencil.  After determining the natural habitat, the students drew the habitat around their creature.  The next step was to cover each pencil line with tinted glue to create a textural outline.  After the glue dried, third graders used chalk pastel to color their images, and then with a tissue they smudged the pastel into the paper.  No two were alike!

Abstraction With Scissors

Fifth grade students are finishing up a unit on Abstraction!  This image represents a project completed by each fifth grader.  The students created random patterns with pencil, paper and a pair of scissors.  After creating their patterns, the students used view finders to select a composition that was pleasing to them.  Using enlarging strategies, the students transfered the enlarged image to their 11 x 17 canvas paper.  An analogous color scheme using five different hues of acrylic paint was required for the color application portion of the assignment.  Each student chose a different series of hues, all were interesting and lovely!