Sunday, October 28, 2012

Dia De Los Muertos

Happy Dia De Los Muertos!  The 2nd grade students studied about the customs and traditions practiced during this holiday.  The 2nd graders used their pencils to form the shape of a skull, and then added details to decorate them in a festive way.  The last step was to apply color using oil pastel.  The students gave their images lots of personality!  These are on display in the school lobby.


The 4th grade students went on a field trip to the Corcoran Gallery of Art in September to view the Richard Diebenkorn exhibit.  While we were there, we also got to do a wonderful project with a piece made by Marsden Hartley.  The piece was created in 1914 and is called Berlin Abstraction.  When we returned to school, the fourth grade students made their own Diebenkorn inspired images using chalk pastel.  We discussed the geometric shapes that Diebenkorn used were much more free form compared to Piet Mondrian, who we studied late last year.  The results were wonderful and they are on display in the lobby of the school!

More Monarch Butterflies!

The third graders recently completed their study of the migration patterns of the Monarch Butterflies!  We learned that each year in the fall, the Monarch Butterflies migrate to high altitude areas of central Mexico.  Their journey is about 3000 miles long and they can not fly if their body temperature is less than 86 degrees.  They feed almost exclusively on milkweed.  After the 3rd grade students examined images of the Monarchs, they began to draw their own.  They took great care to include all of the details and veining in the wings.  The next step was to draw a habitat around the butterfly, and then to apply color.  We used oil pastel for the butterflies, and water color paint for the rest of the image.  This project is on display in the lobby of the school!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Kindergarten One-Line Abstract Drawings!

The Kindergarten students began the school year by learning all about line types.  They have completed many projects on the subject of line including these one-line abstract drawings.  Each student was asked to create a picture using one very, very long line.  They discovered that when they looped their lines around the page they could create shapes that could then be colored!  We discussed the difference between realistic and abstract art.  All of them are unique and interesting!

First Grade Self Portraits!

The first graders started off the school year by creating self-portraits.  They examined their faces in the mirror and learned techniques to help them get the proportions corrects when drawing a portrait.  So many of them look like the students themselves and they are all very expressive!  The last step was the color application, and each child was able to choose between crayon and oil pastel.  These images are located in the school near the entrance to the kindergarten pod.