Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Earth Day!

I am so exited about our Earth Day project!  The Environmental Club created this mosaic out off recycled bottle caps to show at the Community Earth Day celebration.  We could not have created this piece without all of your generous bottle cap donations, and I really appreciate you sending them in for us to use!  We have many left over that I am excited to use for future art projects.  Next week this mosaic can be viewed in the school lobby.

Abstract Images!

The fifth grade students completed these abstract images that were inspired by a pair of scissors.  They began the project by creating random overlapping shapes using their scissors.  The next step was to use a view finder to frame a section of their random shapes.  Using enlarging techniques, the students transferred their framed section to a larger piece of paper.  The fifth graders were required to use an analogous color scheme that included five different hues.  This project was such a success and they can be viewed in the school lobby!

One Point Perspective!

The fourth grade students just completed their one point perspective drawings.  Each child created an exterior landscape that they drew using a horizon line, vanishing point and construction lines.  While this was a difficult skill to learn, the students really forged through their fears and frustrations to create these amazing perspective drawings.  Color was added using oil pastel and watercolor paint.  These can be viewed in the school lobby.

Monarch Butterflies!

I was so impressed by these Monarch butterflies that were created by the third graders!  We studied the migration habits of the Monarchs and chose to draw them in their habitats.  Each child applied color to their images by first using oil pastel for the butterfly and then they painted the background.  This allowed the butterflies to really stand out against the background.  The students took great care to add detail to make their images look realistic!

Georgia O'keefe!

The second grade students ushered in spring by creating their Georgia O'keefe inspired abstract flowers.
We began by discussing composition.  Each student chose a flower and viewed it through a view finder. The view finder allowed the students to "zoom in" and "zoom out" to find a composition that was pleasing to them.  After the flowers were drawn, the second graders were to choose a complimentary color to use for the background.  These beautiful images are hanging in the lobby of the school.


The Kindergarten students did such a wonderful job creating their Kandinsky inspired concentric circles!  Each student created one 9 x 9 concentric circle that was later combined to create the entire piece.  We used oil pastel and the students were able to choose their color scheme.  You can view these at school in the hall just outside the kindergarten pod.